watsonia florist

Valentine Day
Love you Vase- ** delivery included
$155.00 ea.
Twenty medium length red roses arranged in a bouquet and presented in a lovely glass vase.Includes delivery.
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First Love ** Delivery included
$105.00 ea.
Perfect bouquet of 12 long stemmed red roses for the love of your life.includes delivery.(Vase not included.)
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Queen rose ** delivery included
$100.00 ea.
10 roses beautifully displayed in a box arrangement.Includes delivery.
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Michelle ** Delivery included
$140.00 ea.
A lovely mix of dark red and soft pink long stemmed roses arranged in a large size box.Delivery included.
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My Beloved ** delivery included **
$115.00 ea.
Stunning glass vase filled with ten beautiful medium length red roses, balloon and teddy.
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Charlotte ** delivery included
$125.00 ea.
** NEW ** - Very classy large box of white and soft pink flowers.
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Vicki ** Delivery included
$120.00 ea.
12 beautiful long stemmed roses arranged in a large box.Includes delivery.
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Tamika ** Delivery included
$62.00 ea.
Small boxed arrangement of hot pink gerberas, roses and native flowers.
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